Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hyacinths, King Cake, and Leprachauns

I have been simply ITCHING to write again. Mrs. Megan Herndon inspired me to fire up the old blog again ;)

I had the strangest dream about being chased by leprechauns last night. Maybe I've been a wee bit stressed! Regardless they didn't catch me; I sought solace in my dream kitchen and snacked on King Cake while I waited for the tiny green men to leave. When I finally awoke, by gosh, I was craving KING CAKE! and of course there was none to be found in my real-life kitchen :-/.

Work: I do LOTS of it! Running between two buildings 30 minutes apart 5x/week is beginning to take it's toll! $$ is nice but more of a social life will be better.

I'm so excited about spring!!! When I get the hang of this blog I will post pics of some of my favorite spring things:
•my fleur dis lis bird bath! My sweet hubby bought it yesterday and surprised me with it last night! I was grinning like a fool when I pulled into my drive and noticed it last night.
•my hyacinths! They are sprouting and I'm very pleased with their growth. I can not WAIT until they bloom!!!
•my metal globe yard art! Again, I'll post a pic when figure out how to upload from my phone ;)

I'm about to make the most of my Saturday by cleaning, crafting, and ZUMBA!

Love to all, BB

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