Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shots, insomnia, & an iPhone!

So we meet again my friend. And by friend I mean my mind. And by my mind I mean my cranked up brain on steroids a la upper respiratory infection & chest congestion. I can't SLEEP!

Wednesday started out as a rather epic FAIL! my wonderful husband woke me up at 8 am to ask if I were going to work! "well yes sweetheart, I can't call in rich!" \hardy har har/ I rolled out, showered, slapped on a teensy bit of makeup and flew to the land of Ash (all while running a low grade fever). My gracious DORs at both buildings lowered my Tx minutes so I could go to the doctor!

God Bless that Nurse Practitioner I saw today. She was friendly, thorough, and I'm feeling better. Although, I am wide awake! So I have decided to share my working bucket list:

1. Give God the Glory everyday!
2. Be the Best wife to Nicholas B
3. Be a Mama (one day)
4. Visit all 50 states
5. Learn to play the guitar
6. Run a marathon ( this one is broken into smaller goals: mile/5k/10k)
7. Get another degree. I'm a glutton for punishment. I feel led to go back to school but I'm not really sure if it's for a PhD or maybe just another BS.
8. Have my own therapy Clinic! I LOVE Geriatrics but I miss Fluency/Voice/child language!
9. Write a book! Not a romance novel/fiction. I have so many poems bouncing around in my head.many are on paper. Some have been published, but I want my OWN!
10. Design our home from the outside in!

I know I know! These are not the loftiest ambitions. But they are my ambitions ;)
I'm beginning to wind down ::maybe::

Good morning y'all!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hyacinths, King Cake, and Leprachauns

I have been simply ITCHING to write again. Mrs. Megan Herndon inspired me to fire up the old blog again ;)

I had the strangest dream about being chased by leprechauns last night. Maybe I've been a wee bit stressed! Regardless they didn't catch me; I sought solace in my dream kitchen and snacked on King Cake while I waited for the tiny green men to leave. When I finally awoke, by gosh, I was craving KING CAKE! and of course there was none to be found in my real-life kitchen :-/.

Work: I do LOTS of it! Running between two buildings 30 minutes apart 5x/week is beginning to take it's toll! $$ is nice but more of a social life will be better.

I'm so excited about spring!!! When I get the hang of this blog I will post pics of some of my favorite spring things:
•my fleur dis lis bird bath! My sweet hubby bought it yesterday and surprised me with it last night! I was grinning like a fool when I pulled into my drive and noticed it last night.
•my hyacinths! They are sprouting and I'm very pleased with their growth. I can not WAIT until they bloom!!!
•my metal globe yard art! Again, I'll post a pic when figure out how to upload from my phone ;)

I'm about to make the most of my Saturday by cleaning, crafting, and ZUMBA!

Love to all, BB